Facts about the month of May

Did you know the fifth month of the year. May, is known for some very memorable events.  The launch of Coca-Cola in 1886; the film debut of Mickey & Minnie Mouse in 1928; and the introduction of Mother’s Day in 1908. These have all stood the test of time, and there’s one more thing i’d like to add to the list……my professional service.

Whether you need to buy something for a special occasion, either in-stock or custom made, repairs or appraisals, insurance replacement, remodelling or buying your gold, we promise to provide service which is second to none. So, when you or someone you know is thinking about anything related to bling, count on Ringleader Jewellers for good service and expert advice.



Anniversary Sale

anniversary sale
Hello Friends of Ringleader Jewellers,
We’re going into our last week of our Annual Anniversary Sale. The entire store is on sale. If we have it in stock, then it’s on sale!! Save 25% on all diamond and coloured stone rings. Save 25% on all earrings and diamond and coloured stone bracelets. 20% off all gold chains and 30% off silver jewellery. 30% off pearls strands and bracelets. 60% off beaded gemstone necklaces.
Custom jewellery is our forte. We specialize in custom diamond rings and wedding bands. We also reinvent old jewellery, give it a fresh current look!
We also specialize in insurance replacement work, watch batteries and watch fitting, and not too mention professional polishing cleaning and inspection of your jewellery.
Did you know that you should have your rings cleaned and inspected at least every six months? Just like spring ahead, fall back. Change your batteries in your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, GET YOUR JEWELLERY CLEANED AND POLISHED AND INSPECTED too!
We look forward to seeing you really soon at RINGLEADER FINE JEWELLERS.

Fathers Day is Coming

fathers dday
Greetings from Ringleader Central!
I hope all the Mom’s had a great, relaxing and stress free Mother’s Day. I’ve heard some very nice stories of kids making their Mom’s breakfast in bed, taking the dishes out of the dishwasher, folding the laundry, setting the table for brunch and actually cleaning up after eating!! It truly is all about family and at the end of the day, and a gift to show your Mom or wife marking the occasion, always works for them. Of course I would say that, being a die hard retailer, but I don’t think there’s anything wrong with getting gifts for any occasion or perhaps, no occasion at all. Wow, wouldn’t that catch someone off guard? You might call it “Random Acts Of Kindness”? Or, if its me, I just go out and get what I want, when I want and don’t label it at all. Or, I would get myself something and say, “look, I just saved you the trouble of looking for something for my birthday” I guess you can tell that I must be married for quite sometime when you know it’s okay to just go out and get yourself stuff. Word of warning, don’t buy artwork for yourself or on your own. Very selfish, and you should come to a mutual agreement when it comes to hanging artwork in your home. With jewellery, I just ask my wife to design what she wants or tell me  and hopefully we’ll pull it off. Surprises aren’t really a priority these days. However, it’s still nice to be fussed over.
June 21st is Father’s Day. Why not consider getting a piece of jewellery for your Dad or your husband and/or your significant other. We’ve got some really cool bracelets and neck pieces in alternative metals  for guys, tie pins, tie bars, rings and more. Here’s some food for thought….is your husband, dad or significant other wearing his wedding band and any other jewellery? Why not drop by and have it cleaned, inspected and sized if needed? We do that here at Ringleader Fine Jewellers.

Mother’s Day

mothers day

Every second Sunday in May, we celebrate Mom’s on Mother’s Day. It’s not really a holiday but it’s one of those special occasion days, a day we put aside and honor our Mother’s and the one’s we made mothers. I’ve had and have three Mothers that I’d like to mention…..#1 My late Mother, who wasn’t happy unless she was worrying about myself, my sister, my late Father or God knows who. #2 My Auntie Barbara, who just happens to be one of the coolest people I know. She has always been the “Ultimate Hipster”. And saving the best for last, #3 My wife, Robyn, who’s an amazing cook, baker, cleaner and foremost…MOTHER and really the best thing that ever happened to me. We don’t usually make a big deal about getting each other gifts, but Mother’s day is different…. it’s her day and I like to get her a gift to mark  the occasion of how much she is appreciated. This year I got Robyn, even know she designed it, a bezel set diamond necklace with sporadically set diamonds on a 16 inch fine “Rollo” chain. Here, at Ringleader Fine Jewellers, we have quite a nice selection of gifts for Mom’s, like diamond bracelets, earrings, rings chains and really cool silver pieces. But, best of all, we have the entire store on sale  for the month of May. Save up to 60% off all in store merchandise! It’s our 17th Anniversary so come celebrate with us.