Ballerina Ring

Let’s set the record straight.  What exactly is a ballerina ring?   Actually, the term ballerina setting refers to a specific type of cluster ring.  You can say it is an older style halo ring.  In most cases, baguettes surround the centre stone, much like a tutu on a ballerina.  Also,it is said that the baguettes “dance” around the inner gem.
  This distinct style is very vintage and since everything old is new again, will appeal to someone who is eclectic  They will appreciate the dedicated workmanship needed to set each unique stone. Ringleader Fine Jewellers has a marquise ballerina ring that will make your head spin.  The shape of this ring is determined by the .38 diamond marquise in the center.
Highlighting the diamond shape, and sitting at roughly its base are ten .02 round cut diamonds.  Finishing off the ballerina setting are twenty tapered baguettes. Combined total weight is 2.80 carats set in 14kt. white gold