Why You Should Have Your Rings Cleaned & Checked!

We know it’s only February but we’re already thinking about all the Spring-cleaning we want to do with this little taste of warm weather in the air!

Cleaning your jewellery shouldn’t be considered a chore. Your jewellery is important to us and you should where it well and often. What better way to celebrate the end (well, hopefully) of a long cold winter than by getting your beautiful diamond rings, necklaces and earrings cleaned in as little as one minute. It doesn’t take long and it doesn’t cost a thing. And while we’re at it we’ll even check up on your precious stones to ensure that nothing is loose, cracked or missing.

Your engagement band and wedding ring are overlooked items that should be sparkled up and checked at least twice a year. You wear them every day and everywhere. They tag along on every trip and memory. They’ve been exposed to dish soap, dirt from the garden, lotion and maybe even a cheeky batch of holiday treats or two. They need to be cleaned! All the gunk that gets built up from all that you do with your hands lies in the crevasses or your wedding ring. Kind of gross, right?

Although we recommend bringing in your rings at least twice a year don’t let that stop you from paying us a visit more often! A little sparkle to your rings for any special occasion can really make a difference and will hopefully encourage you to make it a habit of coming by for your ring check ups.

Prevention is the key to lasting jewellery. If you don’t get your rings checked you may lose a diamond and we hate diamond causalities! So prevent that from happening by coming by and allowing us to inspect your jewellery for loose stones, worn out claws and any other sign of damage. We want to make sure your jewellery ages with you and not before you.

This year put ring inspection and cleaning on your spring-cleaning list. Start the new season with some sparkle and shine. Your ring will thank you later!

Can you trust your Jeweller

Blog Pic Roby Phil 1 124x150 Can you trust your Jeweller

Phil and I have combined work experience in the jewellery business of over 50 years. Wow, how time flies, but I did say combined.  We feel like we have seen and met a gamut of people and experiences.  When a new client comes into our store and  asks “how do I know I can trust you”?, I have given up trying to plead our case of why one should leave their most precious pieces in our care.  I can only give a synopsis of our history and let the individual make their own conclusion.  It really doesn’t even matter what I say.  I tell people the bottom line is all about trust.  And if you don’t get a good feeling from us, then don’t leave your most treasured jewels in our care.

Buying fine jewellery is unique, just like the gemstones that compose each piece.  Comparing two diamonds is difficult since each one is rare and has its own particular composition.  Also, fine jewellery, like many industries, has a list of lingo, that may be overwhelming to some.  Generally, people shop jewellery stores  when marking a milestone occasion.  In today’s society, with so much information at our fingertips, one should feel confident with their jeweller.  So how do you know if you can trust your jeweller?

  1. Just as you would with any major purchase, word of mouth is the best.  Ask your friends, family, co-workers and neighbors who they recommend.  If buying something special, you may want to stay away from the internet.  Diamonds and fine gems need to be seen.  The average person can not be expected to understand what it takes years of training for a knowledgeable person in the industry to learn.  However, google is ideal for checking out potential companies.  It provides feedback and gives insight into the stores strengths.  For instance, do you want something custom or ready made?  Do they have a gemologist on site?  A good website will also show all the services available and how long the company has been in business.
  2. If you are interested in a custom work, a CAD, computer-aided design should be available.
  3. A reputable jeweller should  have a selection of stones to choose from, and the knowledge to answer all of your questions and concerns.  Taking the time to explain  the 4C’s will aid in making a informed selection.
  4. Make sure the time frame is a fair  for both you and the jeweller.  A classic solitaire should have a fairly quick turnover time, a week or two at the most if the mount needs to be cast.  But something more unique in nature, which includes a CAD is more labour and time sensitive, so keep that in mind.  Remember you want a good job, not a fast one.

    I must state, that I know many jewellers in the industry and believe, for the most part that they are a good bunch.  Is it an old wives tale, that someone took a ring into a store and the jeweller changed the diamond?  Or did it happen in smalltown USA?  Regardless, I have not heard that happening in our country.  Jewellers want to sell their goods, not steal someone elses’ and have a reputation to maintain.  We know that word of mouth is key, and Ringleader Fine Jewellers prides itself on exceptional customer service while producing custom pieces for ectastic clients.

    Robyn & Phil



Holiday Shopping 2016

holiday banner Holiday Shopping 2016

The holidays are just over two weeks away and if you haven’t already thought about what to get that special someone in your life, its time to start thinking.  Before you walk into a jewellery store waiting for that special item to call your name, ask yourself a few questions.  What kind of metal and colour gold do they like?  Do they have their ears pierced?  Hoops or studs?  And is a certain piece, i.e. bracelet or necklace out of the question because they don’t like it or they simply do not have one.  Also, are they partial to coloured stones?  And if so, which ones?  Just like knowing the right clothing size, the answers to these questions can make your shopping experience a much easier experience.Ringleader Fine Jewellers has something for every one on your list.   For the fashion conscious on a limited budget, we have the fashion line from fellow Canadian Jacqueline Kent.  She is a new addition to our store and has received multiple orders from individual clients due to a combination of great style and affordable price point.  Silver is an alternative option and there are many styles and choices in everything from earrings, to pendants and bracelets.  An ideal choice for someone who wants both a great look at a reasonable price.  Looking for something finer.  We have a variety of gold, either on its own, or set with gemstones or diamonds.  Our estate section includes diamonds and gemstones at a discount, a great economical alternative.  Looking for a special diamond, or want to get engaged?  No problem, we still have time to pick up that one of a kind gem just for you.

When it comes to the holidays, a piece of jewellery conveys sentiment and will become a treasured trinket.  In the future, a story may be told how a piece of jewellery from our store became someone’s prized possession and wore it for a lifetime and then passed it down for many generations to enjoy.

On behalf of Phil and myself, we would like to thank you for your patronage and wish you and those close to you a very happy holiday filled with love, laughter, cheer and of course good food.  And may the new year bring peace, prosperity and happiness.

Top Trends in Bridal Jewellery

I always say, “thank god people are different, or else the world would be a very boring place to live in.  Bridal jewellery also has something for all to have the most in-demand looks.  Whether you are simple and want a solitaire on a delicate band, looking to experiment with more than one colour gold, want something vintage inspired or looking for something in a diamond other than round in shape, you can be right on trend this year.

pink gold solitaire Top Trends in Bridal Jewellery

This ring has three trendy features that make it popular in todays market place.  First, it is in the soft hue of pink gold.  This rosy colour flatters most skin tones due to its warm colour.  Second, the surprise detail of the bezel set diamond on the side is what makes this ring fashionable, a detail for the recipient of the ring to enjoy.  Finally, believe it or not, the simplicity of this classic solitaire and its timeless beauty is why this makes the “now” list.

flo Top Trends in Bridal Jewellery

Who wouldn’t love a two tone ring, that goes with everything, with a floral inspired motif featuring flowers, petals or vines.  These features are what make this ring stylish today.  Vintage inspired, makes this ring beautiful, timeless and glamorous.  Art deco, victorian and retro eras are also a great go to for design ideas.

ring Top Trends in Bridal Jewellery

Simplicity at its best.  A simple solitaire diamond with a tapered diamond shank that accentuates the centre diamond.  The clean lines of this ring contribute to its sleek, contemporary good looks.

yellow diamond ring e1475088727627 Top Trends in Bridal Jewellery

Your mom may have a pear shaped diamond, from when they were big in the 80’s, but guess what?  They are back.  This ring shows have they have moved into the  21st century by the following:  A yellow diamond with yellow gold tips make the look seamless, placed in a double halo, consisting of one row of yellow diamonds and one row of white diamonds.  The halo combined with the fancy stone creates an unexpected twist.  A double shank, or split shank adds more detail to the ring so the focus is not solely on the centre.  It enhances the beauty from every angle.  Both pear and marquise cuts are a great deal right now, since demand is not at its peak.  These lengthy cuts elongate and slim the finger.

baguette band 150x150 Top Trends in Bridal Jewellerywedding band 150x150 Top Trends in Bridal Jewelleryyellow diamond band 1 150x150 Top Trends in Bridal Jewellerydiamond and gold band 150x150 Top Trends in Bridal Jewellery

The wedding band can look just as good solo or paired with the engagement ring.  Anything goes, as long as when it is worn as a set, they fit snugly together.  The rings above highlight some of the current trends.  Baguettes possess a look of elegance.  Bows and twisted bands of various sizes are very much in demand.  A textured band highlighted with a simple row of diamonds may be the perfect choice.  Or for the non-traditional, there is always something different.  A yellow diamond band, or one containing emeralds, rubies, sapphires or alexandrite may be the ideal choice.

Remember, when shopping for your dream ring, trends will come and go, but hopefully you will wear this for a long time.  If budget is a main concern, invest in the diamond.  A setting can always be changed or another ring can be added.  Keep in mind what colour gold looks good on her skin, or what she likes to wear.  Also, her career and personal style may determine if you want a high setting or something more protected.  Buying from a reputable jeweller should help answer any concerns you may have and put your mind at ease.  You will need that sense of calm to get your nerves up to pop the big question.  Good luck.

Why You Should Make a Custom Ring for This Christmas Season

It’s always nice to have a unique, one-of-kind ring. We work with your budget and you can actually pick what gemstone you would like to be set in your ring.

In today’s jewellery world, most custom ring designs start as an idea, a sketch, a photograph, google images, etc. and the it goes to a CAD (Computer Aided Design). Once you have a CAD and you have made whatever necessary changes to it, if needed, the information is sent to a printer and a plastic model is grown.

Once you have the plastic, it goes into casting to be made into a precious metal ring. From there, the ring is polished and cleaned and then goes for gemstone setting. The ring is then polished and cleaned up again and ready to be appraised. After your ring has gone through all of these stages, it is ready to be picked up!

ringsetVerragio 300x182 Why You Should Make a Custom Ring for This Christmas Season

The jewellery industry is so specialized that everyone has their own important role. Gone are the days of model makers widdling out wax models (there is only one left that I know). Also gone are goldsmiths that do it all…carve waxes, do casting, clean and polish, set stones….not happening!
Once upon a time, we had an old time “real” Goldsmith who did it all. Unfortunately, he died of Emphysema. Think of all the chemicals he was breathing in over the years (not to mention the 2 packs of  cigarettes he smoked daily for probably 40-50 years)…
So, here are a few tips to keep in mind, especially if you’re going to have a custom ring done for Christmas.

First, give yourself adequate time. All the months that you may have taken researching rings, remember that unique and personal rings take time, perhaps even 3-4 weeks.

Next, buy diamonds, not paper!! I’m a bit of a caveman when it comes to buying diamonds on the internet. Too many incidents could happen….diamonds are lost, poor integrity appraisals (if any at all), return or non return policy? Would you buy a car without test driving it first? Maybe, but if I were investing a fair amount of money into a piece of jewellery, I’d like to see what I’m getting myself into.

We like to get the customer involved. Customer participation represents a large part of the experience of making a custom piece of jewellery. It also lends to tell your story of how you helped by creating your own custom ring! Once you’ve mastered the art of creating your own custom ring…the sky is the limit! Next you’ll need custom wedding bands…..

See you soon!
Phil & Robyn

[Ringleader] has your diamond, customized just for you.

diamond shape pic [Ringleader] has your diamond, customized just for you.

Diamonds come in all shapes and sizes and budgets vary.  Ringleader Fine Jewellers is quite conscious of this and will guide you in the best direction possible.  Whether it is a quality diamond  from Canada, Europe or even from our estate collection, we will make every effort to find that special statement piece and keep you in line – monetarily of course.

 As for designs?  The trend seems to be making jewellery from a picture clients have saved, either exactly or with some modifications.  We love pictures, since there is no mistaking what people are after and they make a great starting point.  Next, we will render a CAD, if necessary.   This is a computer image of your design.  Upon approval, the CAD is printed, cast, polished and set, if necessary before being placed on the clients’ finger.

And if you have any old gold?  Even better.  That is always a good starting point.  And any gold works since we will give a credit for it and use fresh gold.

[Ringleader Fine Jewellers] wishes all a Happy New Year

happy new year rhinestone tank or shirt 19 [Ringleader Fine Jewellers] wishes all a Happy New Year




Better late than never, so let me be the last one to wish all of our loyal clients and citizens of the Pickering Community a very happy and healthy new year.  Phil and I would also like to thank our loyal clientele for your business with one of your most cherished possessions.  As always, we are here to  answer any questions or concerns you may have.  Wondering the value of inherited goods, considering  jewellery repairs or wanting to remodel or create a one of a kind piece, we will explore all of your possibilities.

Best wishes for a very happy and healthy  new year,

Phil & Robyn

Ringleader Fine Jewellers

Put the Ring in Ringleader

Champagne diamond Eternity Ring.

There are eighteen .20 brown champagne diamonds set in a 14kt white gold shared claw setting.  Can be worn on its own or stacked with other rings.  3.60 total weight. $3999.00.
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Princess cut anniversary band.

Classic band set in 14kt. yellow gold, 4.5mm in width.  The ring contains fifteen, .05 princess cut diamonds for a total weight of .75.  Ring size is 7.  $2200.00

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Trio Halo Ring

Modern take on a classic design.  Beautfiul 14 kt. trio ring with a .60 total weight centre stone and two .30 diamonds on the sides.  Each stone is surrounded by a rounded off square halo.  The total weight of the ring is 1.53 carats.  Scroll work on the sides provide additional detail and uniqueness.  $4599.00






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“Ballerina Style” diamond ring

Ballerina ring, dinner ring or cocktail ring….call it what you want.  One thing is certain, people will notice this sparkling piece.  14kt. white gold ring contains a centre marquise cut, bezel set diamond surrounded by round brilliant cut diamonds.  The outer perimeter contains perfectly matched tapered baguettes.  Diamond total weight is 2.80 carats.  A steal at $4999.00.   Appraised at $7999.00

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Rose Gold + Chocolate Diamonds = The perfect ring for someone looking for something Different.

The picture does not do this ring justice.  The chocolate diamonds and the warmth of the rose gold colour is a great combination.  There are five .20 diamonds for a total of 1.00 carat.  They are set with a slight arch on the top in a “lucida” style setiing.  Impressively thick rounded knife-edge “tiffany” style band measures 3mm in thickness.  $1999.00.

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Say it with Hearts

14kt. white gold ring has a heart pattern set sideways.  Each heart has two diamonds , one set in each side.  Total weight is.40 carats.  This band is a size 6 and measures 5mm in width.  Great on its own or stack it with other bands.  $1199.00.

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18kt. Yellow Gold Solitaire

Classic style band cuts on an angle on the top.  The diamond measures .42ct.  The band measures 5mm on top and tapers to 3mm on the bottom.  This diamond is SI clarity, H colour and a very good cut.                                                                        Regular Price $2800.00.  Ringleader Price $1680.00.

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Invisible set Diamond Ring

14kt white gold diamond ring has a square centre  that is set on an angle.  It is composed of sixteen stones, four rows across and four rows down.  The square measures 10mm.  On either side of the centre, there are seven baguettes.  Total weight 1.05 carats.  ideal for someone who loves their bling.

Retail Price $2299.00

Ringleader Price  $1380.00

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14kt. Diamond Semimount

Whether you are looking for a new engagement ring or a new mount for an existing ring, there is nothing more classic than this ring.  The top holds a 1.00 carat or larger round brilliant cut diamond.  The shoulders of the band contain nine microset diamonds on either side.  Total diamond weight .18.  Ring is set in 14kt white gold.  $999.00

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