Why You Should Have Your Rings Cleaned & Checked!

We know it’s only February but we’re already thinking about all the Spring-cleaning we want to do with this little taste of warm weather in the air! Cleaning your jewellery shouldn’t be considered a chore. Your jewellery is important to us and you should where it well and often. What better way to celebrate the end (well, hopefully) of a…

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Holiday Shopping 2016

The holidays are just over two weeks away and if you haven’t already thought about what to get that special someone in your life, its time to start thinking.  Before you walk into a jewellery store waiting for that special item to call your name, ask yourself a few questions.  What kind of metal and colour gold do they like?…

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Top Trends in Bridal Jewellery

I always say, “thank god people are different, or else the world would be a very boring place to live in.  Bridal jewellery also has something for all to have the most in-demand looks.  Whether you are simple and want a solitaire on a delicate band, looking to experiment with more than one colour gold, want something vintage inspired or…

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[Ringleader] has your diamond, customized just for you.

Diamonds come in all shapes and sizes and budgets vary.  Ringleader Fine Jewellers is quite conscious of this and will guide you in the best direction possible.  Whether it is a quality diamond  from Canada, Europe or even from our estate collection, we will make every effort to find that special statement piece and keep you in line – monetarily…

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Put the Ring in Ringleader

Champagne diamond Eternity Ring. There are eighteen .20 brown champagne diamonds set in a 14kt white gold shared claw setting.  Can be worn on its own or stacked with other rings.  3.60 total weight. $3999.00. Princess cut anniversary band. Classic band set in 14kt. yellow gold, 4.5mm in width.  The ring contains fifteen, .05 princess cut diamonds for a total…

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Challenges of buying a diamond

  Before getting into the jewellery business in 1986, Phil worked in the photography business.   Both industries require a sharp, keen eye for detail.  It takes many hours of practical experience, studying and doing lab tests to graduate and become a certified diamond appraiser.  It is quite an accomplishment to hang that degree on the wall. Since earning his…

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