Celebrate Canada’s 150th!

On July 1st we celebrate Canada’s 150th birthday!

Even though Canada is celebrating 150 years, the diamond industry is relatively new. Although Canada is the 3rd largest diamond producing country in the world the discovery of diamonds only happened in the early 1990s.

Canadian diamonds are defined as, ‘diamonds that have been mined in any one of the major provinces and territories of Canada’. In Canada there are 6 current mines that are operational.

Canadian diamonds are special within the diamond industry because of the emphasis placed on them as an alternative to the blood diamonds mined in Africa. It was Canada who was the main supporter of the Kimberly process, which was a certification that was created in 2000 to help discourage the trade of conflict diamonds.

Canadian diamonds are also important because they have created a booming mining industry for Canadians. The diamond industry adds greatly to the Canadian economy, which is a great reason to always choose Canadian diamonds!

All Canadian mines are regulated by the Canadian Mining Regulations for the Northwest Territories, and they ensure of the preservation of surrounding land and aquatics habitats. Ethically, Canadian diamonds are one of the best choicest when choosing your jewellery or custom pieces.

So, to celebrate Canada’s 150th birthday come on down to Ringleader Jewellers and checkout our limited edition Canada 150 pendants, or come by and create a custom piece using Canadian diamonds!

We can’t wait to see you and celebrate Canada’s 150th!

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