Custom Jewellery

At Ringleader Fine Jewellers, we want to make buying a custom piece of jewellery a real in depth experience. We want our store to be a place where people are exposed to ideas about how we create a unique item and how the whole creative process works. I’d like to go as far as saying as an Educational experience and dare I say FUN? I’m pretty sure that once you know the whole process of how your jewellery came to be, your loyalty and sales, will be stronger then ever. I’d like people to come into our store and not just think of us as retailers but as educators of information, style, trends and creativity.

Usually, as tradition goes, we spring clean. When you’re doing your’s, give some consideration to hunting down those single earrings, broken chains and bracelets, rings that you’ll never wear again and all the other pieces of jewellery that are just sitting in a drawer doing nothing at all! Well, here’s some food for thought. Why not recreate it into a new wearable piece of jewellery. Or, perhaps, trade it in and we’ll give you a credit for it and pick up something from our inventory, or you can always just cash out on it! We do that too.

The next blog I’ll write will be from Las Vegas, where I’ll be attending one of the largest jewellery trade shows in the world. I’ll let you know what’s hot, what’s not and what to look for in the next coming months and what you’ll need to have in your collection.

Stay tuned