Customer service or the lack of?

Recently, my wife and I did some home improvement shopping at several different warehouse style showrooms that carry various types of tile. Some of these place were just stunning with beautiful reception areas and some were just very industrial looking. All of them however, did have a front reception/customer service counter. Of the dozen places we visited, I can count on less than three fingers how many people actually even greeted us by saying “hello” when we walked in to there establishments. All had their heads buried in paperwork or the sand for all I know and it just felt very cold. It got to a point where I was addressing my wife as Casper, if you know what I mean! What does it take to JUST SAY HELLO!! You could say, “I’m just tied up for a moment and myself or someone will be with you shortly”. Is that so hard! Even if they’re pretending to be on the phone, they could excuse themselves and do the same….some will be with you in a moment.

It wasn’t until we discovered quite by accident, a smaller, family run tile and granite distributor in Midtown Toronto, and I don’t mind giving out their name because they were so helpful, Ceramic Tile World at 25 Bermondsey Unit B Toronto ON 416-752-4446. I don’t recall by name who looked after us, but anyone of this incredibly nice and knowledgeable family will do whatever it takes to make you happy. That’s exactly our philosophy as well. Greet everyone who walks into your store and don’t let them leave unhappy. Granted, Jewellery is a bit like tile….it’s a disposable income business. If you think about it, we could get by without seriously buying jewellery or crazy ceramic glass tiles, but people still, thankfully, like these type of articles, and we have to appease all peoples tastes and budgets.

Try being personable to your potential customers and you might have lifelong business relationships and trust me, if you’re nice to them, they’ll tell more people. There’s something to be said about word of mouth advertising. It’s a very powerful tool.

Be well and keep smiling!

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