Great to be Canadian


How great was it to see our Junior Men’s Canadian hockey team win the IIHF gold medal!!
They went undefeated throughout the tournament and never gave up a lead. To mark the occasion, they each got a  gold medal and they will also receive a commemorative ring as well.

Did you know that we, at Ringleader Fine Jewellers also can mark special occasions with commemorative rings. In the past, we have made championship rings for several football teams, hockey, lacrosse as well as being the official ring supplier to the Canadian Olympic Team and Committee. But it’s not just all about sports teams, how about other important occasions, like making your custom engagement ring and wedding bands? What about commitment rings? So many people are making these now. You know, like couples live together but don’t necessarily want to get married, but want to know that they are committed to each other, kind of a new twist on a “Promise” rings. We will work with your budgets, and food for thought, bring in your old rings, single earrings, broken gold and scrap gold laying around too and we can reinvent it into a stunning, wearable updated piece of  jewellery!!

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