Why You Should Make a Custom Ring for This Christmas Season

It’s always nice to have a unique, one-of-kind ring. We work with your budget and you can actually pick what gemstone you would like to be set in your ring.

In today’s jewellery world, most custom ring designs start as an idea, a sketch, a photograph, google images, etc. and the it goes to a CAD (Computer Aided Design). Once you have a CAD and you have made whatever necessary changes to it, if needed, the information is sent to a printer and a plastic model is grown.

Once you have the plastic, it goes into casting to be made into a precious metal ring. From there, the ring is polished and cleaned and then goes for gemstone setting. The ring is then polished and cleaned up again and ready to be appraised. After your ring has gone through all of these stages, it is ready to be picked up!


The jewellery industry is so specialized that everyone has their own important role. Gone are the days of model makers widdling out wax models (there is only one left that I know). Also gone are goldsmiths that do it all…carve waxes, do casting, clean and polish, set stones….not happening!
Once upon a time, we had an old time “real” Goldsmith who did it all. Unfortunately, he died of Emphysema. Think of all the chemicals he was breathing in over the years (not to mention the 2 packs of  cigarettes he smoked daily for probably 40-50 years)…
So, here are a few tips to keep in mind, especially if you’re going to have a custom ring done for Christmas.

First, give yourself adequate time. All the months that you may have taken researching rings, remember that unique and personal rings take time, perhaps even 3-4 weeks.

Next, buy diamonds, not paper!! I’m a bit of a caveman when it comes to buying diamonds on the internet. Too many incidents could happen….diamonds are lost, poor integrity appraisals (if any at all), return or non return policy? Would you buy a car without test driving it first? Maybe, but if I were investing a fair amount of money into a piece of jewellery, I’d like to see what I’m getting myself into.

We like to get the customer involved. Customer participation represents a large part of the experience of making a custom piece of jewellery. It also lends to tell your story of how you helped by creating your own custom ring! Once you’ve mastered the art of creating your own custom ring…the sky is the limit! Next you’ll need custom wedding bands…..

See you soon!
Phil & Robyn

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