March Madness

march maddness


Hi All!! Today is the start of March Madness, For all of you who get involved in this, I say good luck. To those who don’t follow it, you’ve just freed up an incredible amount of time to get involved in what is really important…….SPRING CLEANING SEASON, which officially kicks off tomorrow. It’s a time to go through your drawers and jewellery boxes and see, hmm, what do I wear, what don’t I wear, what could I reinvent, or what can I cash out on? After you’ve done that and¬†visited Ringleader Fine Jewellers in beautiful Pickering, you can think about doing your yard work. But not so fast! It’s still just too cold to get involved in this. I’d worry about that around Easter Weekend, of which we will be closed from April 2-6 and reopening on Tuesday April 7th.
So…..if we don’t see you you or speak to you between now and Easter, clean out your drawers, put off your yard work and have a Happy Easter, and for those who do Passover, tough it out and have a Happy Passover, I know I will!!!

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