Green + White = Beautiful diamond halo Pendant



Throughout history, many cultures, including royalty and celebrities alike, believed emeralds to be a very powerful gemstone.  They were worshiped by the Incas, adorned by Aristotle, represented fertility and rebirth by the ancient Egyptians, good luck in China and goodness and healing  powers to one’s life throughout the universe.

Ringleader Jewellers has a one of a kind microset diamond pendant, including a diamond bail with a emerald measuring 7 x 5, or .87 total weight of vivid green saturation.  Starting at the top, the bail contains seven microset diamonds and measures 7mm vertical.  Attached by a small ring, so that the pendant has movement, is the microset emerald diamond pendant.  The perimeter of this pendant contains 22 microset diamonds, each one measuring .005 for a combined total of .15.  The pendant measures 10mm for a combined total of 17mm in 14kt. white gold.  $2149.00

This pendant lies on a 14kt. white gold wheat chain measuring 16” in length and 1mm in diameter to enhance the beauty of the pendant and not take away from it   $175.00