Ringleader Jewellers suggests why its important to shop Canadian


Sometimes I rack my brain thinking about what I will write about.  I want something that is relevant and will relate to the jewellery industry in some way.  Well, my current idea came to me when I was recently listening to the radio.  The topic was current events and the subject was the economy.  Since our greatest commodities, gold and oil have dropped significantly in price, it has reduced the Canadian dollar, which  has had a negative effect on our economy.  The panels’ response to this was straightforward and simple.  They reminded the viewers how essential it is to shop Canadian and when we don’t do this, we are taking money out of our country and hurting everyone from the big box stores to the little mom and pop shops.

Now, we have had clients come in to be reassured that they got a great deal whether they purchased a piece of jewellery online or in some port while cruising.  Phil, being the nice person that he is, will usually put ones’ mind to rest.  But let’s examine these two methods of shopping.  In the first instance, when you are shopping online, price was the initial enticement.  With the dollar no longer at par, you really have to think about whether you are getting such a great deal.  Customs and duty can add to the cost of buying abroad.  And, jewellery is something that needs to be seen and felt, since each piece is so unique.  You really are not comparing apples to apples.  An appraisal states the 4C’s, colour, clarity, cut and carat weight, but appraisals are indepent opinions.  They are not held responsible to a regulatory body.  So, most often, when internet shoppers come in for us to congratulate them of a purchase well made, they will be told that they did alright. However, more often than not, they did not get what they paid for.  So did they really get such a good deal?

In the latter example, buying jewellery in a port while cruising seems to be fairly popular.  Like a supplier once said, if I had thousands of people who were directed to my shop and I would most likely never see again, I could also give them a great deal.  Two deterrents we have witnessed from making these purchases are the following.  One, caveat emptor, buyer beware.  You might not be receiving what you pay for.  Also, workmanship in these small islands can be inferior, since labour costs less.  One example I can remember, is when a client came in with a beautiful new ring.  She questioned why something didn’t look just right.  The stone was too big for the setting and was jammed in on an angle.

Ringleader Fine jewellers is a little mom and pop shop in Pickering, Ontario.  We are a brick and mortar store in a fairly small town and we know word of mouth is the best advertising.  We enjoy making people happy.  In fact, that is what we like to do most.  Custom work is a large part of our business, but we also have current inventory to choose from.  Repairs, remodeling, appraisals, insurance replacement and buying gold are services we provide.  So next time you are looking for that special piece, look no further than Ringleader Fine Jewellers.