What’s Trending In Jewellery?

Every season brings a new jewellery trend and this year at the Oscars there were plenty of bold accessories worn by everyone from Kendall Jenner to Amy Adams. Some of the trends seen were statement earrings, hoops and layered necklaces. Although not all these trends are wearable for an every day basis there are still some alternatives and inexpensive dupes so that you can bling out your outfits without breaking the bank.


One of the most prevalent trends to come out of the Oscars are hoops. Particularly gold hoops have been seen on fashion bloggers and red carpets since last summer. The simplicity of a gold hoop is what makes this jewellery trend so easy and affordable to rock. They can both dress up or dress down an outfit. They can be girly or edgy. Inspired by the 90’s this basic earring style changes constantly with the weather. This spring chunky hoops will be the go-to fashion accessory with dainty pastel dresses and cork wedges.


Statement Earrings

Statement earrings are popping up all over social media. In particular, tassel earrings are making a bold declaration in the fashion scene. Bright colours such as red, orange and yellow are what beauty bloggers and celebrities are reaching for when completing their outfits. Although the red carpet is filled with diamond encrusted statement earrings the tassel look is a nice inexpensive dupe.

Layered Necklaces & Pendants

If there is one trend to look out for this spring/summer it is layering. Whether you’re going to the beach, a wedding or even just grabbing some lunch with friends layering your necklaces and earrings is a great way to spice up an outfit. Layers of dainty gold chains with small pendants make an average jeans and t-shirt outfit into an instagram-worthy brunch ensemble, not to mention you can make the chains uniquely you. Custom layering pieces have been seen on every celebrity this award season and will definitely continue being a staple, especially as the weather gets warmer. Simple little chains and pendants with dates of birth, names or even horoscope signs make your layering pieces uniquely yours.

Do you want to sport some of these jewellery trends? Ringleader Jewellers can help you achieve all your trendy dreams with pieces from every trend. Come by and make some custom dainty gold chains and pendant or purchase your own pair of statement hoops. We are always up to date on the latest trends in jewellery!

The Sentiments of Jewellery

Jewellery is weighted with emotions and memories. It doesn’t matter what it is that makes you wear each piece or the value in dollars that each piece represents. People wear their jewellery because it reminds them of a memory, a moment in time, a significant feat or milestone that they never dreamed of reaching.

Jewellery symbolizes much more than its price tag. Each piece is a talisman that embodies a feeling that can, quite literally, be felt by the person who is wearing it. Maybe it’s a battered old wedding ring left behind by a great-aunt. Maybe it’s the brooch your grandmother always wore to family dinners. Each piece is a reminder of what has left. We wear jewellery to keep the memory of a time or a person alive, even long after they have gone.

I’ve seen people wince as they sell their old jewellery, almost as if they are selling a piece of themselves, because each piece represents a moment in our lives that we hope will always last.

This is why jewellery is the best present. People show off their jewellery like they show off pictures of their children. It’s special to them in a way that words can almost never explain. With Mother’s Day approaching fast jewellery is a great present to showcase to your mom the sentiments that she has instilled and left in you that will last an entire lifetime.

The price of your present doesn’t have to be excessive. It’s the gesture that makes each piece of jewellery special. I still wear the rings that my ex boyfriend gave me for our anniversary. Some people might think that’s weird or insane, but I think of it as wearing something that reminds me of all the good memories that are associated with it.

There is something enigmatically special about opening your jewellery box and gazing at a box full of more than pieces, but also celebrations, stories and people. It’s always a delight to add to your collection.

So, if you’ve ever thought twice about giving somebody a piece of jewellery for a special occasion, think again. Jewellery signifies more than you might realize. Giving somebody a piece of jewellery is like giving them a memory that they get to keep forever. Each piece they collect can be passed down to the next generation, keeping the memory alive.

Here at Ringleader Jewellers we aim to find you a piece of jewellery that helps you keep a memory alive. We want your jewellery to be full of meaning and emotion. From custom pieces to simple statement rings, necklaces, bracelets and more, we believe that each piece should be everlasting.

Come by our shop and we’ll help you find or create the perfect meaningful piece for your special someone.


What Every Mother Needs

Mother’s day is approaching quickly and with that in mind it’s time we all start thinking about what we want to get our mom’s for their special day.

Mom’s are the best and deserve the best. At Ringleader Jewellers we believe that mom’s make the world go round. They make the best PB&J sandwiches and fold our laundry just right. They know all the secrets from getting stains out of clothes to which shoes go best with our outfit. Whether we want to admit it or not moms really do know what’s best.

So, on Mother’s Day we should celebrate our mom’s with all the most sparkly, beautiful, breath-taking jewellery that our allowances can afford. I remember saving all my pennies in my piggy bank so that I could buy my mom a little (very fake) sparkly ring for mother’s day. Although it’s now very tarnished and probably turned her finger green after one day of wear, she still has it lovingly tucked away in her jewellery box.

However, the best part about being an adult is now I can treat my mom to a real sparkly ring.

At Ringleader we want to treat our moms too. This is why we understand how important it is to find something perfect for yours! Whether it’s earrings, a necklace, a ring or even a bracelet we know that your mom will be all smiles when she opens her Ringleader box on May 14th.

Maybe this mother’s day marks something extra-special for you and your mom. Why not make something custom for her? Making something custom ensures that your piece will be irreplaceable, just like your mom. It will be one of a kind, just like your mom. It will always sparkle and glow, just like your mom.

Your mom is your forever-best friend. She is the Lorelei to your Rory, the Joyce to your Buffy, the Sophia to your Dorthy, or the Carol Brady to your crazy Brady Bunch family. They keep you grounded while also teaching you all the tough lessons that life throws your way.

Maybe you’re unsure about what to get your mom? Don’t worry we have you covered. Come by our store before May 14th and we can help you pick or create something exceedingly special and perfect for your mom.

Remember that Mother’s Day isn’t all about cards, flowers or presents. Mother’s Day is about celebrating moms and expressing your gratitude for everything that your mom has done for you. Mother’s Day is about thanking your mom for being your shoulder to cry on, your sandwich crust cutter and your 3am drunk call from university when you’re feeling homesick (sorry mom!!).

Although we should be thanking our moms every day for all the amazing things that they have done and continue to do for us, Mother’s Day is really the one day of the year that we can really show our moms how much we appreciate all the big and little things that they do.

So, come by Ringleader Jewellers and let us help you show your mom how much she means to you.

-Robyn & Phil

Why You Should Choose a Small Jeweller?

Choosing a jeweller that’s right for you is important. The first inclination that people have is to wander down to the mall and walk into the big jeweller with the expensive television commercials. The small guys often get overlooked, but they should be your first destination when seeking something sparkly and special.

Why? Because they care about your needs more than any large corporation ever will.

Small jewellers are the little guys who root for your personal triumphs. They want you to leave with a piece of jewellery worth more than money can buy. Small jewellers want your engagements to be romantic, your birthday presents to be wow-worthy and your anniversaries to be filled with starry-eyed happiness.

Ringleader is a small jeweller that cherishes every customer, repair and purchase. Customers are treated like long-time friends, and usually become just that. At Ringleader we will quite literally get our hands dirty to ensure that you leave with a piece so exceptional and irreplaceable you’ll never want to take it off. We are always more than happy to answer your questions and we are easy to contact, just click here.

Small jewellers make you feel like you’re part of a family. There’s a sense of trust between you and the jeweller because they’ve been through so many special occasions. They know what you like, what you’re looking for and what your budget is without even having to ask. It’s a comfortable relationship that can’t be attained between you and a large corporation.

When you pick Ringleader Jewellers you’re gaining a new family member. Small jewellers cherish their customers as if they are their children. It doesn’t matter if you place an order once a year or once a week, you will always be treated with genuine care and quality.

Ringleader Jewellers is a small business. It’s a small business with family values that are reflected in the work that they produce. As a small jeweller we work harder than big corporations to learn and grow so that we can ensure that our customers are always getting the absolute best, whether that be in service or tangibles.

When you pick a small jeweller you’re supporting a family. By picking Ringleader Jewellers you’re supporting Phil and Robyn and all the hard work that they have put in to guarantee that you get the absolute best of the best.

Contact us today with any jewellery related inquiries. No job is too big or too small and no question goes unanswered! We can be contacted here.

The Month Of April


Here are some highlights that we at Ringleader Fine Jewellers would like to feature this April. We’ve extended our April Fool’s Day sale….so it’s our DON’T BE A FOOL SALE!! All diamond and coloured stone jewellery is 50% OFF!!! Seriously!! On April 4th, 50 years ago today, The Beatles took over the charts, with “Can’t Buy Me Love”, Twist and Shout”, “She Loves You” “I Want to Hold Your Hand”, and “Please, Please Me”. These songs held the top five positions on the Billboard Hot 100 charts. So what does this have to do with jewellery you may ask? Well, they’re all love songs and this is the time of year when dating couples start thinking about long term commitments and getting engaged. I agree with most of these tunes with the exception of Can’t Buy Me Love. Therefore, you can’t go wrong with buying a engagement ring at 50% off this month!!!  April 10th is SIBLINGS DAY. Take advantage of our held over 50% off sale and get something special for your brother(s) or sister(s). It’s a good excuse to show your appreciation for them or perhaps rekindle a relationship with them. Finally, April 22nd is EARTH DAY, a good day to come in with all your old jewellery and broken stuff that you’re not wearing and recycle it into something more contemporary and up to date.

Winter is finally over! Time to Spring clean your drawers and dig up all your old, broken and unwanted jewellery. Bring it into Ringleader fine jewellers for CASH or a Store Credit or Re-Invent  something for yourself. It’s all good.
Have a great month!!