Why You Should Have Your Rings Cleaned & Checked!

We know it’s only February but we’re already thinking about all the Spring-cleaning we want to do with this little taste of warm weather in the air!

Cleaning your jewellery shouldn’t be considered a chore. Your jewellery is important to us and you should where it well and often. What better way to celebrate the end (well, hopefully) of a long cold winter than by getting your beautiful diamond rings, necklaces and earrings cleaned in as little as one minute. It doesn’t take long and it doesn’t cost a thing. And while we’re at it we’ll even check up on your precious stones to ensure that nothing is loose, cracked or missing.

Your engagement band and wedding ring are overlooked items that should be sparkled up and checked at least twice a year. You wear them every day and everywhere. They tag along on every trip and memory. They’ve been exposed to dish soap, dirt from the garden, lotion and maybe even a cheeky batch of holiday treats or two. They need to be cleaned! All the gunk that gets built up from all that you do with your hands lies in the crevasses or your wedding ring. Kind of gross, right?

Although we recommend bringing in your rings at least twice a year don’t let that stop you from paying us a visit more often! A little sparkle to your rings for any special occasion can really make a difference and will hopefully encourage you to make it a habit of coming by for your ring check ups.

Prevention is the key to lasting jewellery. If you don’t get your rings checked you may lose a diamond and we hate diamond causalities! So prevent that from happening by coming by and allowing us to inspect your jewellery for loose stones, worn out claws and any other sign of damage. We want to make sure your jewellery ages with you and not before you.

This year put ring inspection and cleaning on your spring-cleaning list. Start the new season with some sparkle and shine. Your ring will thank you later!


Displaying 1-P1070410.JPGSOLD One of a kind, custom designed diamond and pink sapphire pendant.  Over eight carats of diamonds.  Can be worn as a pin or as a pendant due to its foldover bail at the top of the pendant.

CUSTOMERS REMARKS:  “I had a vision for a multi use pendant/pin in a two dimensional flower design.  This was no small task.  Ringleader Jewelers did an outstanding job.  Not only were they easy to work with but they also were very helpful in the design aspect.  I was extremely happy with the final product.  It is truly  a work of art!!!”.

Summer’s here. Relax, enjoy and create new memories.



Phil Pancer

The end of June is always a busy time.  Kids are finishing school and getting ready for summer,either off to camp, hanging out with friends or off to the cottage.  Adults tend to destress more, since they may not be on such a tight schedule due to the demands of their children.  Regardless, the weather is nice (hopefully) and it is time to get outdoors and enjoy the company of those we appreciate most.  Summer is also a time for celebrations.  Family reunions, vacations and parties.  If you are celebrating a special milestone or occasion, why not remember it with a piece of jewellery to treasure for many years to come.  Choose from our inventory, or if you have something special in mind, we can custom make whatever you envision.  Also, the month of June, we have a sale on our engagement rings and wedding bands.

Best wishes for a happy memorable summer.

Mother’s Day

Let me just begin by saying that “Mother’s are always right, even if they’re wrong” Growing up, we always knew who to suck up to….usually Dad because he’d be always working and not around that much to raise us, so Mom was the baby sitter, cook, cleaner in charge of security, and mediator. In saying that, Mother’s, in general, should get just about anything they desire after putting up with all the sh-t that us kids used to deal out!! I never realized this until I had children of my own. Now I know that my wife(of almost 28 years) is not my Mother, however, she is the Mother of my children, and she needs to be looked after and/or compensated for,for being the mother of our children. Jewellery usually does the trick for, easy to say since we own a jewellery shop, but that doesn’t mean she’ll always like what I pick for her. At this stage in our lives, I’d much rather have her pick something out, or let me know what she wants, or even better still, go and get it and I’ll pay her back!! Not very romantic, but whatever works, right? I urge you to look after all the mother’s this Mother’s day, whether it’s your Mom, your favorite Aunt, your mother in law(YIKES) or your wife. Mark the occasion with a special piece of jewellery, and if you buy it from our store and you mention that you read my blog, I’ll sell it to you at HALF PRICE!!!**

**Diamond and coloured stone jewellery is now at 1/2 price till Mother’s Day
Gold and Silver Jewellery without gemstones is 30% off till Mothers Day.