Is quicker the better way when it comes to jewellery repair?

Same-day or overnight delivery guaranteed.  That is Amazon’s key to success.  Consumers love instantaneous gratification.  I know I do.  I can be anywhere, order something online and have it sent to me the following day.

So it really doesn’t surprise me when I get inquiries requesting jewellery repairs done on the spot while waiting.  Once again, clients want instantaneous gratification.  In this case, it is not practical.  Let’s go back one step.  A potential fiancee has purchased a custom made ring for his hope to be a bride but it is a bit too small or a favorite piece of jewellery has been inherited and it needs tip work.  When you have such meaningful heirlooms, isn’t the best job possible more important than being expeditious?  If you had to wait an extra week or two for a top-notch job, as opposed to waiting half an hour for novice workmanship, which would you prefer?  Once you have decided to leave your precious gems, a repair bag with the necessary information will be reported, logged into our data system and a photo of your trinket with the instructions will be taken.

Alright, so now you have been reassured that it is ideal to have the best possible job done.  Now you are being told the job is not being done on the premises.  More caution bells are ringing in your head.  How do your precious baubles get from point A to point B?  There are two possible scenarios.  Either personally or by courier.  Ringleader Fine Jewellers only considers one option.  We personally deliver, consult with the finest experts in the trade and pick up our repairs when they are completed.  Our suppliers also have a logging and tracking system.

Another query from inquiring minds is that seems like a lot of extra work when you could just hire a tradesperson to work in your shop?  One might think so except for the fact that jewellery is an extremely specialized field.  For instance, in creating a diamond ring the following experts would be involved:  If complicated, a CAD designer would design the ring.  It would then go to a casting house to cast, produce the piece of jewellery.  A goldsmith would then clean up and polish it before sending it to a diamond setter for installing the diamond.  If a message is inserted in the ring, an engraver would do this at the end.

Ringleader Fine Jewellers has been specializing in custom-designed jewellery and repairs with over tens of thousands successfully completed for twenty years.   We are a local, independent, family-run business looking forward to assisting you in your next milestone or celebration.  So now you understand that in the jewellery industry, quicker isn’t always better.

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December has arrived. Family, friends, neighbours and coworkers all seem to be busy with an endless list of festivities. Whether i’ts parties, shopping for gifts or the necessities for the perfect meal.  This last month of the year is all about traditions, having fun and creating lasting memories.  The ideal gift that is tangible and will bring back memories of the joyous season, or any occasion, is jewellery.

This year in particular, a change has occurred in the jewellery landscape in Durham region.  That great little shop that you went to is now gone.  We seem to be hearing this a lot lately.  Whether its Brian’s Gold in Scarborough, Galbraith in Ajax, Graziellas, Liffy’s Gold or Gems a little further east.  For various reasons, sickness, retirement or being held up one too many times, these shops have vanished for good.

Ringleader Fine Jewellers is busier then ever.  We seem to be picking up the slack from many of these now defunct establishments.  With over 30 years of experience, Ringleader has the knowledge, along with experts in the industry to create or restore that one-of-a-kind piece that will be handed down for many generations to come.  The list of services that we provide include repairs, remodelling, custom, insurance replacement, corporate work, appraisals, watch repairs, engraving and buying gold.

Our mission is simple.We  are a small, independent jewellery store and believe it is important to treat others the same way we wish to be treated.  That is, to be acknowledged and spoken to in a kind, friendly manner.  Our track  record speaks for itself.  We have a 4.7 rating on Facebook and a 5.0 star rating on Google.  So, whether you need a small repair, custom engagement ring or that special holiday gift, don’t forget Ringleader Fine Jewellers.

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Better late than never, so let me be the last one to wish all of our loyal clients and citizens of the Pickering Community a very happy and healthy new year.  Phil and I would also like to thank our loyal clientele for your business with one of your most cherished possessions.  As always, we are here to  answer any questions or concerns you may have.  Wondering the value of inherited goods, considering  jewellery repairs or wanting to remodel or create a one of a kind piece, we will explore all of your possibilities.

Best wishes for a very happy and healthy  new year,

Phil & Robyn

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Ringleader Jewellers suggests why its important to shop Canadian


Sometimes I rack my brain thinking about what I will write about.  I want something that is relevant and will relate to the jewellery industry in some way.  Well, my current idea came to me when I was recently listening to the radio.  The topic was current events and the subject was the economy.  Since our greatest commodities, gold and oil have dropped significantly in price, it has reduced the Canadian dollar, which  has had a negative effect on our economy.  The panels’ response to this was straightforward and simple.  They reminded the viewers how essential it is to shop Canadian and when we don’t do this, we are taking money out of our country and hurting everyone from the big box stores to the little mom and pop shops.

Now, we have had clients come in to be reassured that they got a great deal whether they purchased a piece of jewellery online or in some port while cruising.  Phil, being the nice person that he is, will usually put ones’ mind to rest.  But let’s examine these two methods of shopping.  In the first instance, when you are shopping online, price was the initial enticement.  With the dollar no longer at par, you really have to think about whether you are getting such a great deal.  Customs and duty can add to the cost of buying abroad.  And, jewellery is something that needs to be seen and felt, since each piece is so unique.  You really are not comparing apples to apples.  An appraisal states the 4C’s, colour, clarity, cut and carat weight, but appraisals are indepent opinions.  They are not held responsible to a regulatory body.  So, most often, when internet shoppers come in for us to congratulate them of a purchase well made, they will be told that they did alright. However, more often than not, they did not get what they paid for.  So did they really get such a good deal?

In the latter example, buying jewellery in a port while cruising seems to be fairly popular.  Like a supplier once said, if I had thousands of people who were directed to my shop and I would most likely never see again, I could also give them a great deal.  Two deterrents we have witnessed from making these purchases are the following.  One, caveat emptor, buyer beware.  You might not be receiving what you pay for.  Also, workmanship in these small islands can be inferior, since labour costs less.  One example I can remember, is when a client came in with a beautiful new ring.  She questioned why something didn’t look just right.  The stone was too big for the setting and was jammed in on an angle.

Ringleader Fine jewellers is a little mom and pop shop in Pickering, Ontario.  We are a brick and mortar store in a fairly small town and we know word of mouth is the best advertising.  We enjoy making people happy.  In fact, that is what we like to do most.  Custom work is a large part of our business, but we also have current inventory to choose from.  Repairs, remodeling, appraisals, insurance replacement and buying gold are services we provide.  So next time you are looking for that special piece, look no further than Ringleader Fine Jewellers.


Facts about the month of May

Did you know the fifth month of the year. May, is known for some very memorable events.  The launch of Coca-Cola in 1886; the film debut of Mickey & Minnie Mouse in 1928; and the introduction of Mother’s Day in 1908. These have all stood the test of time, and there’s one more thing i’d like to add to the list……my professional service.

Whether you need to buy something for a special occasion, either in-stock or custom made, repairs or appraisals, insurance replacement, remodelling or buying your gold, we promise to provide service which is second to none. So, when you or someone you know is thinking about anything related to bling, count on Ringleader Jewellers for good service and expert advice.