Why You Should Have Your Rings Cleaned & Checked!

We know it’s only February but we’re already thinking about all the Spring-cleaning we want to do with this little taste of warm weather in the air!

Cleaning your jewellery shouldn’t be considered a chore. Your jewellery is important to us and you should where it well and often. What better way to celebrate the end (well, hopefully) of a long cold winter than by getting your beautiful diamond rings, necklaces and earrings cleaned in as little as one minute. It doesn’t take long and it doesn’t cost a thing. And while we’re at it we’ll even check up on your precious stones to ensure that nothing is loose, cracked or missing.

Your engagement band and wedding ring are overlooked items that should be sparkled up and checked at least twice a year. You wear them every day and everywhere. They tag along on every trip and memory. They’ve been exposed to dish soap, dirt from the garden, lotion and maybe even a cheeky batch of holiday treats or two. They need to be cleaned! All the gunk that gets built up from all that you do with your hands lies in the crevasses or your wedding ring. Kind of gross, right?

Although we recommend bringing in your rings at least twice a year don’t let that stop you from paying us a visit more often! A little sparkle to your rings for any special occasion can really make a difference and will hopefully encourage you to make it a habit of coming by for your ring check ups.

Prevention is the key to lasting jewellery. If you don’t get your rings checked you may lose a diamond and we hate diamond causalities! So prevent that from happening by coming by and allowing us to inspect your jewellery for loose stones, worn out claws and any other sign of damage. We want to make sure your jewellery ages with you and not before you.

This year put ring inspection and cleaning on your spring-cleaning list. Start the new season with some sparkle and shine. Your ring will thank you later!

Toronto Maple Leaf Stanley Cup Ring Set

The Toronto Maple Leafs did not reward their players with Stanley Cup Rings until 1947, when the team that included Turk Broda, Syl Apps, Ted Kennedy and Bill Barilko won hockey’s greatest prize. Earlier champions (1932,1924 and 1945) were awarded various other gifts, including a choice of a sterling silver
tea set or a sterling silver smoking set.

When the World Championship rings were created for the Maple Leafs in 1947, management found themselves creating four rings in the next five years, only missing the Stanley Cup Championship in 1950.
The gold rings, originally created by Henry Birks and Sons, but manufactured in a limited run by a small manufacturer in Ajax Ontario,feature a Maple Leaf-blue horseshoe (for good luck and because team owner Conn Smythe’s love of horse racing) surrounding a maple leaf, with a diamond set in the centre. The Blue Enamelled horseshoe read: Maple Leafs World Champions. The year of the Stanley Cup victory is below the maple leaf. On one shoulder, the year of the win would have been engraved while the opposite side would have the player and/or executive’s name engraved on that shoulder. Since these rings were the original prototypes, there is no engraving on the shoulders.
These rings are an incredible keepsakes and are extremely rare and quite valuable. The team did not award a new ring with each of the four Stanley cup championships, but instead, increased the size of the diamond in the rings belonging to repeat winners.These rings are on display at Ringleader Fine Jewellers and available for purchase….what would they be worth to you? We are entertaining serious enquiries only, because who knows the next time you’ll see one of these rings, on one of the Toronto Maple Leafs again?

Special thanks to Kevin Shea for your diligent research with respect to these rare artifacts.

Ringleader Jewellers suggests why its important to shop Canadian


Sometimes I rack my brain thinking about what I will write about.  I want something that is relevant and will relate to the jewellery industry in some way.  Well, my current idea came to me when I was recently listening to the radio.  The topic was current events and the subject was the economy.  Since our greatest commodities, gold and oil have dropped significantly in price, it has reduced the Canadian dollar, which  has had a negative effect on our economy.  The panels’ response to this was straightforward and simple.  They reminded the viewers how essential it is to shop Canadian and when we don’t do this, we are taking money out of our country and hurting everyone from the big box stores to the little mom and pop shops.

Now, we have had clients come in to be reassured that they got a great deal whether they purchased a piece of jewellery online or in some port while cruising.  Phil, being the nice person that he is, will usually put ones’ mind to rest.  But let’s examine these two methods of shopping.  In the first instance, when you are shopping online, price was the initial enticement.  With the dollar no longer at par, you really have to think about whether you are getting such a great deal.  Customs and duty can add to the cost of buying abroad.  And, jewellery is something that needs to be seen and felt, since each piece is so unique.  You really are not comparing apples to apples.  An appraisal states the 4C’s, colour, clarity, cut and carat weight, but appraisals are indepent opinions.  They are not held responsible to a regulatory body.  So, most often, when internet shoppers come in for us to congratulate them of a purchase well made, they will be told that they did alright. However, more often than not, they did not get what they paid for.  So did they really get such a good deal?

In the latter example, buying jewellery in a port while cruising seems to be fairly popular.  Like a supplier once said, if I had thousands of people who were directed to my shop and I would most likely never see again, I could also give them a great deal.  Two deterrents we have witnessed from making these purchases are the following.  One, caveat emptor, buyer beware.  You might not be receiving what you pay for.  Also, workmanship in these small islands can be inferior, since labour costs less.  One example I can remember, is when a client came in with a beautiful new ring.  She questioned why something didn’t look just right.  The stone was too big for the setting and was jammed in on an angle.

Ringleader Fine jewellers is a little mom and pop shop in Pickering, Ontario.  We are a brick and mortar store in a fairly small town and we know word of mouth is the best advertising.  We enjoy making people happy.  In fact, that is what we like to do most.  Custom work is a large part of our business, but we also have current inventory to choose from.  Repairs, remodeling, appraisals, insurance replacement and buying gold are services we provide.  So next time you are looking for that special piece, look no further than Ringleader Fine Jewellers.


Wedding Venues and Jewellery, the common link.

mens and womens wedding ring setsCatching up with friends is wonderful and last night was one such opportunity.  We had a meeting yesterday regarding making bracelets for a brides wedding party.  She wants each one to be meaningful to each bridesmaid.  In other words, she would like to customize each one to fit their own unique personality.  The mother of the bride, Cheryl, our friend  heads up the event department and Herongate Barn on Altona Road in Whitevale.  Once business was looked after with her daughter, like the females we are, we started chatting about business.  Evidently, we have many similarities.  Herongate Barn is a family run business dedicated to pleasing their customers, going above and beyond what is required, simply because they know it is their name on the line.  And great service is rewarded with tremendous advertising, via word of mouth.  Herongate Barn is an ideal place for any type of event because you start with a blank canvas, renting a tent, and can do anything you wish.  One is only limited by their imagination.  Weddings are a fairly new addition to the Barn, but it seems to be growing at a brisk rate due to their attention to detail and surpassing all of their obligations.  Customize and service, two important aspects, also of Ringleader Fine Jewellers business moto.  We also understand that like our bride, every personality is unique and most people do not want a mass produced piece of jewellery.  Time, effort, thought and individuality all play a part in creating a unique piece of sparkle for our consumer.  Since we spend a great deal of time constructing these one of a kind items, we tend to develop a rapport and friendship with our clients.  Just this week, someone new came into the store and told us the reason she came in was because our website states that no one will leave our store unhappy,  She said she knew she was in good hands.  So next time you are in the market for creating some beautiful memories, either with a special event or a piece of jewellery that can last a lifetime, shop locally in Pickering.  Herongate Barn and Ringleader Fine Jewellers are both family run businesses dedicated to customizing and going beyond what is required.

Anniversary Sale

anniversary sale
Hello Friends of Ringleader Jewellers,
We’re going into our last week of our Annual Anniversary Sale. The entire store is on sale. If we have it in stock, then it’s on sale!! Save 25% on all diamond and coloured stone rings. Save 25% on all earrings and diamond and coloured stone bracelets. 20% off all gold chains and 30% off silver jewellery. 30% off pearls strands and bracelets. 60% off beaded gemstone necklaces.
Custom jewellery is our forte. We specialize in custom diamond rings and wedding bands. We also reinvent old jewellery, give it a fresh current look!
We also specialize in insurance replacement work, watch batteries and watch fitting, and not too mention professional polishing cleaning and inspection of your jewellery.
Did you know that you should have your rings cleaned and inspected at least every six months? Just like spring ahead, fall back. Change your batteries in your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, GET YOUR JEWELLERY CLEANED AND POLISHED AND INSPECTED too!
We look forward to seeing you really soon at RINGLEADER FINE JEWELLERS.

Dress Like The Red Carpet Contest

red carpet


This Sunday is the biggest night for all the beautiful people in Hollywood. Will you be watching in anticipation to see what the stars are dressed in and to hear the answer of “who are you wearing”?  Or will you be more interested in who actually wins in each of the categories?  So far this award season we have seen plunging necklines, sometimes much too daring, cutout geometric  pieces and the big return of the pantsuit.  But it is the jewellery that really makes these pieces current. The new must have is definitely the ear climber. This earring is for pierced ears and climbs up the lobe with either microset stones or with a graduated pattern.  Ear cuffs are very similar in style now. This earring attaches to the cartilage and goes down to the lobe, ideal for those without pierced ears.  Rings, necklaces and bracelets have also followed fashion in a big way with geometrics.  Linear patterns in jewellery is all the rage. Whether it is a silver cuff set with crystals or a double ring connected by a line down the middle, this is what’s hot. Crisscross rings and rings oval in shape with a empty space where the stone would be are also noteable mentions.
















Check out our “Dress like the red carpet” section at Ringleader Fine Jewellers to find these and other new exciting pieces, available in silver and gold.  In addition, be sure to enter our Red Carpet contest.

To enter our contest, please click the link below to go to our our Facebook page. When on our Facebook page, please “Like” our page. You must like our Facebook page in order to win. Also, click on the Oscar to fill out your contest ballot.

The person who correctly picks the Oscar goes to most WINS!!!!  Be sure to enter, one ballot per person. Lucky winner gets a $250.00 gift certificate to Ringleader.

In the event of a tie, we will draw from all ballots with the highest number of Oscars predicted.

Please note the contest closes on Sunday February 22, 2015 at 8pm.



Golden Statuette






Great to be Canadian


How great was it to see our Junior Men’s Canadian hockey team win the IIHF gold medal!!
They went undefeated throughout the tournament and never gave up a lead. To mark the occasion, they each got a  gold medal and they will also receive a commemorative ring as well.

Did you know that we, at Ringleader Fine Jewellers also can mark special occasions with commemorative rings. In the past, we have made championship rings for several football teams, hockey, lacrosse as well as being the official ring supplier to the Canadian Olympic Team and Committee. But it’s not just all about sports teams, how about other important occasions, like making your custom engagement ring and wedding bands? What about commitment rings? So many people are making these now. You know, like couples live together but don’t necessarily want to get married, but want to know that they are committed to each other, kind of a new twist on a “Promise” rings. We will work with your budgets, and food for thought, bring in your old rings, single earrings, broken gold and scrap gold laying around too and we can reinvent it into a stunning, wearable updated piece of  jewellery!!

375 Kingston Rd.
Pickering, ON L1V 1A3