What’s Trending In Jewellery?

Every season brings a new jewellery trend and this year at the Oscars there were plenty of bold accessories worn by everyone from Kendall Jenner to Amy Adams. Some of the trends seen were statement earrings, hoops and layered necklaces. Although not all these trends are wearable for an every day basis there are still some alternatives and inexpensive dupes so that you can bling out your outfits without breaking the bank.


One of the most prevalent trends to come out of the Oscars are hoops. Particularly gold hoops have been seen on fashion bloggers and red carpets since last summer. The simplicity of a gold hoop is what makes this jewellery trend so easy and affordable to rock. They can both dress up or dress down an outfit. They can be girly or edgy. Inspired by the 90’s this basic earring style changes constantly with the weather. This spring chunky hoops will be the go-to fashion accessory with dainty pastel dresses and cork wedges.


Statement Earrings

Statement earrings are popping up all over social media. In particular, tassel earrings are making a bold declaration in the fashion scene. Bright colours such as red, orange and yellow are what beauty bloggers and celebrities are reaching for when completing their outfits. Although the red carpet is filled with diamond encrusted statement earrings the tassel look is a nice inexpensive dupe.

Layered Necklaces & Pendants

If there is one trend to look out for this spring/summer it is layering. Whether you’re going to the beach, a wedding or even just grabbing some lunch with friends layering your necklaces and earrings is a great way to spice up an outfit. Layers of dainty gold chains with small pendants make an average jeans and t-shirt outfit into an instagram-worthy brunch ensemble, not to mention you can make the chains uniquely you. Custom layering pieces have been seen on every celebrity this award season and will definitely continue being a staple, especially as the weather gets warmer. Simple little chains and pendants with dates of birth, names or even horoscope signs make your layering pieces uniquely yours.

Do you want to sport some of these jewellery trends? Ringleader Jewellers can help you achieve all your trendy dreams with pieces from every trend. Come by and make some custom dainty gold chains and pendant or purchase your own pair of statement hoops. We are always up to date on the latest trends in jewellery!

Top Trends in Bridal Jewellery

I always say, “thank god people are different, or else the world would be a very boring place to live in.  Bridal jewellery also has something for all to have the most in-demand looks.  Whether you are simple and want a solitaire on a delicate band, looking to experiment with more than one colour gold, want something vintage inspired or looking for something in a diamond other than round in shape, you can be right on trend this year.


This ring has three trendy features that make it popular in todays market place.  First, it is in the soft hue of pink gold.  This rosy colour flatters most skin tones due to its warm colour.  Second, the surprise detail of the bezel set diamond on the side is what makes this ring fashionable, a detail for the recipient of the ring to enjoy.  Finally, believe it or not, the simplicity of this classic solitaire and its timeless beauty is why this makes the “now” list.


Who wouldn’t love a two tone ring, that goes with everything, with a floral inspired motif featuring flowers, petals or vines.  These features are what make this ring stylish today.  Vintage inspired, makes this ring beautiful, timeless and glamorous.  Art deco, victorian and retro eras are also a great go to for design ideas.


Simplicity at its best.  A simple solitaire diamond with a tapered diamond shank that accentuates the centre diamond.  The clean lines of this ring contribute to its sleek, contemporary good looks.


Your mom may have a pear shaped diamond, from when they were big in the 80’s, but guess what?  They are back.  This ring shows have they have moved into the  21st century by the following:  A yellow diamond with yellow gold tips make the look seamless, placed in a double halo, consisting of one row of yellow diamonds and one row of white diamonds.  The halo combined with the fancy stone creates an unexpected twist.  A double shank, or split shank adds more detail to the ring so the focus is not solely on the centre.  It enhances the beauty from every angle.  Both pear and marquise cuts are a great deal right now, since demand is not at its peak.  These lengthy cuts elongate and slim the finger.


The wedding band can look just as good solo or paired with the engagement ring.  Anything goes, as long as when it is worn as a set, they fit snugly together.  The rings above highlight some of the current trends.  Baguettes possess a look of elegance.  Bows and twisted bands of various sizes are very much in demand.  A textured band highlighted with a simple row of diamonds may be the perfect choice.  Or for the non-traditional, there is always something different.  A yellow diamond band, or one containing emeralds, rubies, sapphires or alexandrite may be the ideal choice.

Remember, when shopping for your dream ring, trends will come and go, but hopefully you will wear this for a long time.  If budget is a main concern, invest in the diamond.  A setting can always be changed or another ring can be added.  Keep in mind what colour gold looks good on her skin, or what she likes to wear.  Also, her career and personal style may determine if you want a high setting or something more protected.  Buying from a reputable jeweller should help answer any concerns you may have and put your mind at ease.  You will need that sense of calm to get your nerves up to pop the big question.  Good luck.

Jewellery Trends For 2014 and Happy New Year

happy new year
Looking back on the jewellery trends of 2014, I can some up a lot of the styles in one simple word……ORGANIC!! 2014 witnessed an influx of precious and semi-precious gems stones the were not qiute finished but were more rough cut and free form set in silver and especially yellow gold that made a big comeback in 2014.

Chunky jewellery is all the rage too. Statement necklaces and chandelier earrings were huge in 2014. Put on one of these pieces to jazz up a simple wardrobe, and pull your hair back for extra effect.

So….how about us guys? What was instore for them in 2014….Most modern men are piercing both ears rather than just the one ear trend that was previously popular. Diamond studs still remain a popular option, but since a larger stone is more fashionable than a smaller one, there are plenty of cubic zirconium options that look tasteful. Studs in silver, stainless steel and titanium remain widely popular as well. Hoops should be small and snug the earlobes to avoid looking like a pirate, and there are modern styles made from titanium in a variety of colors. Gauged earrings were once reserved for the more punk rock look, but are increasing gaining popular with a various types of men. Gauging one’s ear involves a tremendous amount of patience, using a cylindrical earring to stretch the pierce opening over time. The Gauge earring can be stainless steel, semi-precious stones, bone, or even glass. Bracelets – Bracelets have increasingly become popular in men’s fashion accessories. No longer is the gold chain link style the standard. Today’s bracelets are fabricated from a variety of materials from steel, titanium, silver, rope and leather. A handsome leather band is rugged and manly, where a rope bracelet with wooden beads or stones may demonstrate the more artistic side of a man. Layering bracelets can also look fashionable by wearing ones made from similar materials but in a mixture of weight and width. Link bracelets are always a hands down favorite and modern styles are made from stainless steel and titanium, sometimes with a leather or gemstone mix. Copper and magnetic bracelets serve two purposes, adornment and aids in aches and pains in the wrists and hands.
I also learn’t quite a bit in 2014. 
  1. Don’t ever do work for customer, no matter how good they are, without getting sincere deposits from them
  2. Don’t ever let a husband design a ring for his or,or future wife, without her input…very dangerous!!
  3. All custom work has to be signed off on and the customer has to realize that if they make changes to the original design, they must pay for the alterations
  4.  My wife is my trusted partner and we always collaborate on every important business decision.
  5. After your employees, which you have carefully screened, your IT person is probably your most critically important person to your business in this new millennium.
Happy New Year!!.