The Sentiments of Jewellery

Jewellery is weighted with emotions and memories. It doesn’t matter what it is that makes you wear each piece or the value in dollars that each piece represents. People wear their jewellery because it reminds them of a memory, a moment in time, a significant feat or milestone that they never dreamed of reaching.

Jewellery symbolizes much more than its price tag. Each piece is a talisman that embodies a feeling that can, quite literally, be felt by the person who is wearing it. Maybe it’s a battered old wedding ring left behind by a great-aunt. Maybe it’s the brooch your grandmother always wore to family dinners. Each piece is a reminder of what has left. We wear jewellery to keep the memory of a time or a person alive, even long after they have gone.

I’ve seen people wince as they sell their old jewellery, almost as if they are selling a piece of themselves, because each piece represents a moment in our lives that we hope will always last.

This is why jewellery is the best present. People show off their jewellery like they show off pictures of their children. It’s special to them in a way that words can almost never explain. With Mother’s Day approaching fast jewellery is a great present to showcase to your mom the sentiments that she has instilled and left in you that will last an entire lifetime.

The price of your present doesn’t have to be excessive. It’s the gesture that makes each piece of jewellery special. I still wear the rings that my ex boyfriend gave me for our anniversary. Some people might think that’s weird or insane, but I think of it as wearing something that reminds me of all the good memories that are associated with it.

There is something enigmatically special about opening your jewellery box and gazing at a box full of more than pieces, but also celebrations, stories and people. It’s always a delight to add to your collection.

So, if you’ve ever thought twice about giving somebody a piece of jewellery for a special occasion, think again. Jewellery signifies more than you might realize. Giving somebody a piece of jewellery is like giving them a memory that they get to keep forever. Each piece they collect can be passed down to the next generation, keeping the memory alive.

Here at Ringleader Jewellers we aim to find you a piece of jewellery that helps you keep a memory alive. We want your jewellery to be full of meaning and emotion. From custom pieces to simple statement rings, necklaces, bracelets and more, we believe that each piece should be everlasting.

Come by our shop and we’ll help you find or create the perfect meaningful piece for your special someone.


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