Thinking About Taking The Plunge?

getting engaged
So………you’ve been dating for awhile, perhaps you’ve even gone as far as to start living together, not my idea, just old school I guess. I mean looking back, I’m happy that we didn’t live together because it meant getting married was just that more special. The first time that we were living together, we were man and wife and that made it a really big deal and also made me appreciate being together so much more.
But, enough about me and my preaching, here are several questions to consider when you are about to tie the knot and commit to each other …….How long have you been dating? Have you even met each other’s parents? Do you live together?, back to that issue again. Have you actually even talked about marriage with your significant other? Are you really very serious about each other? Close your eyes and imagine yourselves in let’s say, five, ten or fifteen years down the road.
Do you think you’ll be able to maintain your relationship together? And last but not least, are you financially ready to commit to each other, kinda like being a killjoy aren’t I? But seriously, aren’t most all arguments about money? Hello!!!! Welcome to reality!!
Stay tuned to my next blog when I discuss engagement ring styles and what to consider when you’re about to make that important purchase.
FYI on the radar, Mother’s Day 2015
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